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Vital Information about Aquariums

Fish keeping in home aquariums is popular today as people are keeping fish in their homes for varied reasons. Glass is the most common material in making of aquariums and thus, aquariums are transparent or at least one side is transparent. The aquariums are usually placed at the front side of the house and in offices you will find them at the entrance benches. In placing of the aquariums, another important consideration is the amount of sunlight reaching it since it can affect the temperature of the water and the growth of algae which are a danger the the aquatic life. It’s important to keep the aquarium and the water clean since it will affect the health of the aquatic creatures that you have on your aquarium.

In the past people didn’t know how to set up their fish aquarium hence their fish would be fine for a week or two but die unexpectedly but today there is a lot of information available hence you should know to take care of your aquatic life. The first consideration or choice you have to make when you want a fish tank is the choice between salty fish tank and a fresh water fish tank. The next considereration after the fresh water or salty water aquarium is the type of fish and the size and type of your aquarium. The size of your fish tank will be a determining factor of the number of fish that you can place in it since there is need to consider the oxygen level which is essential for the survival of the fish. The cost of rare fish types and normal fish won’t be the same and also fresh water and salty water fish prices are different hence you should be prepared for such differences depending on personal preferences. As you begin, your fish tank will be very clean but as you get the fish into it, they will excrete ammonia as they respirate which is toxic and therefore you should be familiar with the nitrogen cycle that aims to reduce the toxicity in your fish tank which us important for your fish survival. There are certain bacteria that are responsible for breaking down the ammonia to non toxic substances and this bacterias usually build up on the surfaces of your filters and substrate.

This process requires patience since the bacterias can take a while to develop up to to about two months from the first day that you add the first fish into the aquarium.

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