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3 Newborn Care Tips New Parents Have to Know

Preparation starts for a newborn baby as soon as the parents knew of pregnancy. From this time forward, baby essentials begins fast and it consists of stocking up bibs, buying a crib, changing tables and so on. Parents start buying clothes and customize the nursery to reflect to the baby’s gender as soon as they have identified the gender. According to Dr. Stanley Angus as well, some parents might sharpen their knowledge in baby care by using online resources as well as books that are offering abundant information on child rearing and pregnancy.

In this article, you are going to learn 3 vital tips on how to properly take care of your newborn.

Tip number 1. Promote breastfeeding – the woman’s body will start changing starting on their hormones after their baby is delivered as it’ll be triggering lactation where they can produce milk. The milk is very important for the immune system of the infant as it contains vital nutrients their body needs. There are some mothers however who are having a hard time to produce enough milk that satisfies their baby’s appetite or their baby is not accepting their milk.

Newborn babies may find breast milk to taste funny especially if the nursing mothers are eating strongly flavored or spicy food as per Stanley Angus. You may like to pay a quick visit to your doctor or OB if you aren’t able to produce adequate amount of milk.

Stanley Angus however recommend to eat fenugreek seeds and dates to boost their milk production. In addition to that, he suggests as well to regularly massage the breast to stimulate the mammary gland and to boost lactation.

Tip number 2. Develop consistent sleeping habits – for most of the day, newborn babies are asleep. There are infants on the other hand that could sleep longer but are awake in the middle of the night which can be because they need to be changed, hungry or just want to cuddle. If this keeps going for the following weeks, then there is a great chance for parents to suffer from sleep deprivation.

So to prevent this from happening, Stanley Angus suggests parents to establish a regular sleeping pattern.

Tip number 3. Everyday baby care – newborn babies are known to have soft bones as well as weak muscles and needs constant support. When you are lifting the baby, you should keep one hand under its neck while using your arm to support the spinal column with the elbow lying under the buttocks. This is a proven method for an effective baby care according to Stanley Angus.