Getting Down To Basics with Health

How to Promote a Positive Body Image for Overall Health of your Child

In school they teach arithmetic, social sciences, languages and such subjects. At home, parents are expected to teach manners and instill values that would help a child build the self-confidence they will need when they grow up. The media perpetuates specific norms that may have negative effects on a kid who has self-image and self-esteem issues, hence the reason why you need to take control as a parent and instill lifetime values.

This becomes worse when they start interacting with their peers, and the pressure becomes too much to look a certain way to fit societal standards. Probably you are beating yourself up thinking of how to work this around and have a self-confident kid who becomes a responsible adult, right? For starters, how about you engage your child in all the plans you are making? Gone are the days you will shove a green smoothie down the throat of your teenage daughter or force them to eat vegetables and fruits and dish the Mc. Donald’s.

The best approach would be to set goals that are easily achievable, and always ensure you celebrate your child when they accomplish the set goals. At the very least, you can rest assured to create a bond and connect with your kid as you go through healthy life choices together. While at it, you want to watch out on how you talk about your health and body. It is important to ensure you are promoting positivity by talking positively especially when around your child.

By and large, it is the responsibility of a parent to educate their children on healthy food choices available in the market, and how they have a positive impact on their bodies. This way, you will be well armed to address whatever struggles that may arise. You might also want to take exercise as a family responsibility and not lay the entire weight on your child who has body image issues.

Having said that, it is your responsibility as a parent to raise whatever issues you feel are affecting your child. Early intervention is always better than waiting for a crisis to occur then you start regretting why you did not consult a professional earlier. When you address an issue on time, chances of getting a permanent solution to the problem are higher than when problems are let to pile up; the damage could be irreparable.